• Educational project

  • School of scientific

    and technological project management

    • Duration - 1 year

      February 2021 - February 2022


      online, offline

      Enrolment completed

  • About the project

      • Training of leaders capable of turning research ideas into innovative technologies and products (prototypes), generating outside-the-box ideas, facilitating the scaling of innovations, creating new jobs, bringing new products and advanced technologies to the market.

        Key concepts:

      • Space of the new as an opportunity to create new ideas and projects

        Project training and mentoring

        Capacity to solve problems under limited resources

      • A culture of cooperation as a key factor in technology development

        Entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial spirit, development of business-oriented logic

        Setting managerial and business models of the future as a basis for the development of knowledge-intensive technologies

  • Team

  • avatar

    Evgeny Golubev, Mentor

    Director of the Technological Park of Tyumen State University, Expert in management of major projects at the interface between university and industry


    Veniamin Kizeyev, Project Manager

    Certified Project Director (IPMA Level B), Member of the Board of NP SOVNET, Project Management and Innovation Expert at WINbd

  • Module 1

    20 March - 2 April 2021

      • Strategies for generation, development and implementation of scientific and R&D projects

  • Module 2

    17 - 22 May 2021

      • Expertise and design of scientific and R&D projects

  • Module 3

    13 - 21 July 2021

      • Management of stakeholders’ interests in scientific and R&D projects (including VC, government, corporate customers, industrial partners)

  • Module 4

    24 - 31 August 2021

      • Business model and economics of a scientific and R&D project

  • Module 5

    19 - 27 October 2021

      • Organization of work with potential clients of scientific and R&D projects (customer development)

  • Module 6

    16 - 24 November 2021

      • Project management and project team management

  • Module 7

    7 - 24 February 2022

      • Effective work with stakeholders of scientific and research projects

  • Module 8

    22 - 25 March 2022

      • Preparation and presentation of projects

  • 2 module projects

  • Results of the first enrolment stream, 2019–2020

    The School was attended by employees from Tyumen State University, Industrial University of Tyumen (IUT), Tyumen State Medical University, Khanty-Mansiysk State Medical Academy, Surgut State University, Yugra State University, Tyumen Scientific Centre (RAS Siberian Branch), METAKON Innovation Company Ltd., Kultura Sibiri autonomous non-for-profit organization, SEVER Corporate Group Ltd., Ivent Ltd. and Tepliy Dom Ltd.

    Full program of 2019–2020 enrolment
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