• SCIENCE. LEADERSHIP. SOCIETY – 2050 (SLS2050). 2nd International Scientific and Practical Conference of the Centre for Competence Development of the world-class West Siberian Interregional Scientific and Educational Centre

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      Oct 2021


      Oct 2021


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  • The 2nd international conference with the thematic scope «Man and the Prospects of Humanity in a Dynamically Changing World» will be held on October 18–22, 2021.

    The Conference is aimed at discussing topical issues of human development in a changing world, including such existential threats as climate change, social disasters, biosafety disruption and the role of science in combating these threats.

    The conference will feature lectures by world-class scientists, round tables with the representatives of science, government, business and society, meetings of representatives of the REC Centres for Competence Development and other institutions. The lecturers will explore approaches, practices and challenges of developing human capital in the R&D field.

  • AIMS

  • To encourage an international dialogue on the future of humanity and science until 2050.

    To provide a platform for leading scientists, heads of scientific organizations and leading universities, as well as representatives of public authorities and businesses for discussing current challenges of scientific and technological development. This will facilitate collaboration between the participants in implementing breakthrough R&D projects in accordance with the national goals of the Russian Federation.


  • 4 round tables on the following topics:

    1. Human capital as an important component of the transformational and innovative development of science and technology on the agenda of world-class scientific and educational centres.
    2. Russia's integration into the global climate agenda. Formation and development of carbon polygons. Green values and sustainable development.
    3. The Arctic and people in the Arctic. Future Challenges

    Lectures of international and Russian experts.

    Mini-conferences of leading research teams.

    Discussions involving a wide range of professional communities.

    Discussions of international experience and its translation into Russian practice.

    Enhancing joint research and developing effective models of cooperation between scientists, government authorities and business structures.


  • Representatives of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation;

    Representatives of regional authorities of REC;

    Representatives of REC and Central Regional Committees of the Russian Federation;

    Representatives of the scientific and expert community;

    Representatives of large businesses.

  • Please forward requests for participation in the conference, proposals for partnership and arising questions via cdc@scitech.ru